"'Before the Fall: German and Austrian Art of the 1930s,' at the Neue Galerie, is an exhibition that steadily tightens its chokehold." [read the

"A marvellously disquieting show illustrating how German and Austrian artists negotiated the extremes of the 1930s." [read the article]

"The imaginative fervor that gripped avant-garde master builders and arti­sans around 1900 in Vienna, the capi­tal of the vast and culturally diverse Austro-Hungarian Empire, paralleled equally radical innovation in other creative realms, including the music of Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schoen­ber

"Before modern design was streamlined, it got intricate; before modern design was industrialized, it came from human hands." [read the ar

"The Wiener Werkstätte’s designs still epitomise turn-of-the-century Viennese modernism." [read the article]

"His amalgamated aesthetic was born out of a commitment to experimentation and irresolution." [read the article]

"A prolific self-portraitist, his way of depicting himself was constantly in flux." [read the article]

Roberta Smith writes, "...exudes an irresistible energy and optimism end to end..." [read the article]

"...from prodigiously gifted maker of naturalistic portraits to fearless creator of fiercely scrawled landscapes and figures so elusive that they verge on abstraction..."' [

Floral designer Lindsey Taylor captures the tranquility–and simmering unease–in painting 'Austria's van Gogh.' [read the article]