The Art Newspaper features the Neue Galerie Design Shop's Sigmund Freud Sunshades.
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7 February 2013,

The Huffington Post is looking forward to "German Expressionism 1900-1930: Masterpieces from the Neue Galerie Collection," which opens on February 7.


7 February 2013,

The New York Times' Carol Vogel looks ahead to the opening of our Winter exhibitions: "German Expressionism 1900-1930: Masterpieces from the Neue Galerie Collection" and "German and Austrian Decorative Arts from Jugendstil to the Bauhaus."

4 January 2013,

The Neue Galerie Design Shop's Facet-Cut Cocktail Shaker by Istanbul-based glass artist Felekşan Onar is among the Wall Street Journal's The Off Duty 50: Holiday Gifts.

3 December 2012,

Parker Bowie, Market Editor at Elle Décor, selects the silver-martelé jug by Otto Prutscher in this month's What's Hot section.


17 October 2012,

According to Barrymore Laurence Scherer of the Wall Street Journal the exhibition "Ferdinand Hodler: View to Infinity" is "a revelation as well as a pleasure." [read more]

17 October 2012,

Ken Johnson of The New York Times calls our current exhibition "Ferdinand Hodler: View to Infinity" "exceptionally touching." Please click here to read the complete review.

17 October 2012,

"O’Connor’s book is a mesmerizing tale of art and the Holocaust, encased in a profusion of beguiling detail, much as Adele herself is encrusted in Klimt’s resplendent portrait." [read more]

20 March 2012,

Meet Heinrich Kuehn, the subject of our upcoming exhibition, Heinrich Kuehn and His American Circle: Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen, and of the cover story of the March/April issue of The Magazine Antiques. [read more]

15 March 2012,

Design Shop Viennese Picnic Set wins Travel + Leisure Magazine 2012 Design Award for Best Outdoor Accessory. Click here to view the slideshow.

21 February 2012,