From the Director

Dear Friend,

“Before the Fall” aims to raise questions concerning aesthetic developments in painting, drawing, and photography. How did artists respond to a fatal tendency of the epoch towards authoritarian behavior and dictatorship? What were the key factors that led towards a war that threatened the entire European population? Can we trace political circumstances in seemingly apolitical subjects such as a still-life? 

These are some aspects that describe the link between the exhibitions in the twentieth-century German history trilogy (the others were “Degenerate Art” and “Berlin Metropolis”) presented at the Neue Galerie over the past four years. They have offered our audience the chance to understand complex developments in German and Austrian art in a way that is central to our mission as a museum. The curator for all these important exhibitions is Dr. Olaf Peters. Working with the designers Richard Pandiscio and Bill Loccisano of Pandiscio Green, he has created shows of formidable intelligence and visual power.

Renée Price
Director, Neue Galerie New York