Writes FT arts critic Ariella Budick, "What makes Dix so bewitching is his merciless, mud-seeking eye combined with the refined precision of his hand. He exaggerates nothing, insisting that we see the world in all its garishness." [Read more]

2 August 2010,

Distinguished art critic Dore Ashton writes in her review, "[Dix's] extensive series of prints and drawings, particularly those of trench warfare, are undeniably among his most valuable contributions to art history." [Read more]

2 August 2010,

Columbia Daily Spectator writer Maria Castex says of Dix's 1924 portfolio War, "the small scale, the darkness of the ink, and the violence with which the figures and landscapes are rendered...forces viewers to really focus on the images." [Read more]

2 August 2010,

"The painter himself said he was neither for war nor against war. Instead he provided a kind of modified reportage, Peters said, that is "a reflection of war... filtered through experience and memories but also reflected through the basis of Dix's knowledge of art history." [Read more]

2 August 2010,

"As the preeminent showplace of modern German art in America, the Neue Galerie continues through Otto Dix its mission of bringing the greatest German artists to America not as curiosities but as illuminating and relevant prisms through which we can view our present condition." [Read more]

2 August 2010,

"Though raw in content and at times appearance, Dix's work should not be taken as loose and expressive. It is tight and focused visually, and thematically the ouvre as a whole bottlenecks to passion and violence, portrayed with theatricality and grotesqueness." [Read more]

2 August 2010,

New York Observer journalist Amanda Julius calls both Café Sabarsky and Café Fledermaus "impressive," but recommends Fledermaus as "something of an insider secret." To read the entire article, follow this link.

2 August 2010,

The Neue Galerie's Otto Dix exhibition is featured on the cover of the June 2010 edition of Art & Antiques, and is the subject of a lengthy review by journalist Edward M. Gomez in that publication. Follow this link to download a pdf of the article.

25 May 2010,

Last month, Quest Magazine came to the museum to photograph socialite Annabel Vartanian engaging with the "From Klimt to Klee" exhibition.  [Read stylist Daniel Cappello's blog entry about the shoot and view the photos here]. The feature was picked up on the KiptonART Online Magazine.

20 April 2010,

Look for the Neue Galerie's exhibition, Otto Dix, in the top right corner of this week's New York Magazine Approval Matrix! [view online]

19 April 2010,

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