Writes Ariella Budick, "The small show’s wallop vastly exceeds its size. Messerschmidt is not a household name here, but he deserves to be, and the Neue Galerie steps outside its usual give him a stunning presentation." [Read more]

17 October 2010,

When asked to recommend a "few great" museum gift shops, T+L contributing editor Raul Barreneche, author of the forthcoming The Tropical Modern House, recommends the Neue Galerie Design Shop. [Download the article as a pdf]

29 September 2010,

"Franz Xaver Messerschmidt (1736–1783) is one of those elusive 18th-century figures who confront us with the nocturnal side of the enlightenment. In the eyes of his contemporaries, he was not only a madman but also a mad artist." [Read more]

29 September 2010,

"Once in the same room with Klimt's portrait, though, I stopped and stared for a long and fascinated while. The work is flat-out beautiful, neither giddy nor gaudy. Its masses of not-quite-regular ornament draw the viewer into the painting..." [Read more]

29 September 2010,

"Sculptures by Austro-Bavarian artist Franz Xaver Messerschmidt made their U.S. debut at the Upper East Side's Neue Galerie. Messerschmidt’s exhibition also marks the first time that Neue Galerie...has collaborated with the Louvre Museum." [Read more]

29 September 2010,

"A distinguished group of individuals queued outside the Neue Galerie's 86th Street entrance for a private preview of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt’s arresting sculptural grimaces which hinted of mental unrest." [Read more]

29 September 2010,

“Anything great in this world has come from neurotics,” Marcel Proust wrote. He could easily have been referring to a string of manic, morose and sometimes quite mad artists who came and went over the centuries... [Read more]

22 September 2010,

One of the strangest yet most compelling figures in the history of art begins a star turn in Manhattan Thursday as the Neue Galerie opens "Franz Xaver Messerschmidt 1736-1783: From Neoclassicism to Expressionism."  [Download the article as a pdf]

22 September 2010,

"It’s this uneasy admixture of hyper-sensitivity and callousness that makes him ideally suited to capture Weimar era Germany: he sees the decay that goes hand in hand, etymologically and otherwise, with the decadence of the period." [Read more]

23 August 2010,

In advance of the publication of their review of the Otto Dix exhibition, The New York Review of Books posted an online slide show of works from the show, accompanied by excerpts from the article. [View the slide show]

2 August 2010,

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