Carol Vogel of The New York Times looks ahead to the spring exhibition "Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937." [read the article]

2 January 2014,

"The main selling point for this exhibition of Kandinsky’s abstractions, just four years after the Guggenheim’s blockbuster, is a reconstruction of a lost mural made for the Juryfreie Kunstschau (jury-free art show) in Berlin in 1922." [read the article]

31 October 2013,

"Stellar works from the Neue’s collection are bolstered by major loans, and the small show presents the artist in relationship to his peers." [read the article]

21 October 2013,

Karen Rosenberg of The New York Times reviews Vasily Kandinsky: From Blaue Reiter to the Bauhaus, 1910-1925. [read the article]

21 October 2013,

Carol Vogel of The New York Times looks ahead to Neue Galerie's Fall 2013 exhibition: Vasily Kandinsky: From Blaue Reiter to the Bauhaus 1910-1925. [read the article]

2 August 2013,

NYC-ARTS, Channel 13's weekly broadcast focusing on New York art and culture, features the ongoing Neue Galerie exhibition "Koloman Moser: Designing Modern Vienna 1897-1907." Click here to watch the video of the segment.

28 June 2013,

"Seeking to forge a distinctly Austrian modernist style, Moser took ideas that were in the air and made them his own, often in ways ahead of his time." [read the article]


25 June 2013,

"Koloman Moser (1868-1918) is finally getting his moment in the sun. This May, after more than a century of living in the shadow of his good friend, Josef Hoffmann, the Viennese modernist finally will have his first American monographic retrospective at New York City’s Neue Galerie." [read the article]

20 June 2013,

"[...] Neue Galerie is one of those intimate museums that invites visitors to focus on a singular, intense experience, which this summer is a terrific decorative arts exhibition, Koloman Moser: Designing Modern Vienna 1897-1907." [read the article]

19 June 2013,

"As artistic revolutions go, the Vienna Secession of 1897 was a mild one. Unlike the Impressionists and Fauves, whose initial challenges to bourgeois taste were viewed with fear and loathing by mainstream viewers, the Secessionists’ rebellion against the provincial conservatism of Vienna was warmly embraced by critics, patrons and the general public." [read the article]

12 June 2013,

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